three key points to deliver a great wedding speec

Three tips to deliver a great wedding speech!




for anyone picking up that microphone.

by Steve Brown – 23 June 2019


Steve Brown, principle videographer at Steve Brown Films gives his advice about what makes a good speech, what to include in your monologue, what to avoid doing and saying during your speech and crucially what you can do to overcome your nerves!



1. Be prepared

You may be a great speaker who does not need to write anything down and the words just flow, or maybe you are not a natural performer and you don’t want to fluff your lines. Whatever role you are playing in the wedding, you mean enough to the happy couple to be asked to make a speech and what you say in that speech will mean a lot to them. Make sure you get the key messages across and don’t forget these people are important to you so write down everything you want to say to them and the all important thank you’s, then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. At home in front of the mirror, or your partner, or even in front of your pet dog, the more you get used to saying the words beforehand the easier the words will flow on the day.

Write down the thank you’s and double check them with the couple, parents etc… to make sure no one is forgotten!



2. Be kind

A great speech will have a balance of love and laughs in it and if you are struggling to find the kind and loving words that show how you feel, try giving a story about how you the couple met, how lovely they are together and their best qualities. 

There will no doubt be many stories of the groom in compromising situations that you can draw upon that will bring some laughs, including one or two short stories that the couple will blush at or laugh at would be great, but remember that great aunt Nessie is also listening. It is also worth remembering that your words are going to be recorded for their wedding film and the videographer will be putting a microphone on you to make sure everyone remembers what you said, forever, so don’t make it a comedy roast. 

Sandwiching one funny story between two nice slices of cheesy loving words is a great formula for your speech to be a hit and you’ll be forgiven for sharing that time when the groom drank too much and…… well, you know!


3. Be calm

Nerves are as much a part of the wedding day as anything else. 

A little anxiety won’t hurt anyone, but too much will affect how much you can enjoy of the day, so have a plan of what will help you cope, and no that isn’t permission to drink your anxiety away with 12 Parma Violet Gin & Tonic’s! 

If nerves are something you are worried about start talking to the couple about it early on as you may be able to get them to have the speeches before the wedding breakfast begins. 

Maybe you worry about having a dry mouth, rapid breathing, pounding heart or shaking hands. It can help to understand that these are a normal reaction to real danger and would have given you a boost to run away from, say, a Lion, but your body is hearing your worried thoughts (about giving the speech) and responding by releasing a bit of adrenaline (as it would if you were worrying about being confronted by a Lion) and it is this adrenaline that is giving you the dry mouth etc… mentioned above. 

What is the best way to overcome this?  

Be prepared (see point 1 above!) And rehearse your speech, often, try to give yourself enough commas and full stops on paper to remind you that you have the space and time to breathe deeply and take a sip of a drink before your next words.

All you need to do to deliver a good speech is follow these three points, everyone will think you did a great job and reward you with gold (liquid gold) at the bar a bit later on.


Steve is happy to discuss your wedding plans, including engagements, speeches and everything wedding related with you, contact him here to get in touch.