Why we LOVE weddings

Inspired by the industry leaders Rob Adams and Ray Roman, I am passionate about telling beautiful wedding stories that need to be documented for future generations. I remember looking through my parents wedding photographs as a child and being in awe of seeing the few seconds of their wedding captured by a friend on cine film in 1971. Fast forward a few decades when I got married a friend with a handycam video camera pressed record and left it in the corner of the room for the night. My kids love watching our film and are amazed about the people we were and are amazed that we were ever young!

Wedding video, wedding film or wedding cinema (whatever the latest fashion wants to call it!) all comes down to wedding memories. Unlike photographs alone, film makes sure your wedding is not just remembered forever as with photographs,  but that it is also felt forever, your children will grow up and experience the emotion of the speeches, your ceremony, your whole day…. feeling your love coming through.