Connecting with your stories.

Your wedding is about more than one day, it is about more than one person, more than one family and more than one generation.

The time and effort Steve puts into connecting with your stories, along with his discreet and relaxed filming style combine to ensure that special moments and special people are filmed naturally, discreetly and with total professionalism.

Filming with cameras, not camcorders or cinema sized equipment Steve does not intrude on your day, able to carry the two cameras and three lenses he uses in a small messenger bag, many guests usually mistake him for a photographer and often don’t realise you are having you wedding filmed.

Shooting simply, editing creatively.

By avoiding following the latest fads in videography Steve is able to produce consistently high quality films that focus on your story, ensuring that your film is as unique and beautiful as your wedding. This consistency is achieved not just through Steve’s knowledge and experience of capturing the visual but also his expertise in audio capture.

The vows, toasts and ambient noises of your day are essential to your film sounding natural and smooth, Steve takes great care in ensuring that all speakers and toast givers have their words recorded clearly in high quality.

Wedding Collections

Choices of short films of up to 8 minutes long, extended films of up to 18 minutes length as well as films of toasts and the ceremony ensure that the deliverable film package in bespoke packaging exceeds your expectations.

You may have something different in mind, 4K filming, an elopement film, multi-day event or even something else, contact Steve with your request for a bespoke quote and approximate budget.


Steve is always excited to hear from couples planning their wedding and choosing their suppliers. Having filmed multiple venues across the United Kingdom Steve is this year booked to film in Spain this August and looking forward to travelling further for weddings in future.

Please complete the contact form below with as much information about your planned event, your preferences for your style of film and approximate budget. Steve is looking forward to hearing from you.